EDPROFST 744 - Pastoral Care and Counselling in Schools

Course code
Pastoral Care and Counselling in Schools
Counselling, Human Services, and Social Work
Delivery modes
Block Intensive (intensive on-campus days)
Course director

Brian Rodgers

Course description

Provides an overview of the theory and practice of pastoral care and counselling within New Zealand schools. It includes an examination of pastoral care systems and counselling services, including the roles of staff, in relation to the academic mission of schools, disciplinary systems, the health of children and young people and the school-community interface.

Learning outcomes

At completion of this course, students will be able to: Identify the principles and policies that underlie the provision of pastoral care, guidance and counselling in schools. Understand the relationship between psychological wellbeing and academic achievement. Define the different roles of staff members and others in contributing to the pastoral care, guidance and counselling of students in schools. Understand and critique the structure and functioning of pastoral care systems in schools. Discuss the application of the principles of pastoral care to particular issues that arise for adolescents, and to the needs of special groups within a school. Discuss the application of ethical principles in the practice of pastoral care in schools.

    Currently scheduled classes

    2022 Epsom (Semester 1): Compulsory on-campus block teaching on Saturday (5 and 12 March, 7 and 21 May), from 9:00 am to 12.00 pm and 1:00 to 4.00 pm.

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