EDPROFST 755 - The Inquiring Professional

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The Inquiring Professional
Learning, Development and Professional Practice
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Esther Fitzpatrick

Course description

A review and critical analysis of literature relating to a chosen area of inquiry and action research. This will provide the basis for engagement in an action research project to enhance an area of professional practice. It will include a critical evaluation of learning and implications for future practice.

Course overview

This course is designed for professional practitioners and researchers endeavouring to demonstrate and enhance their skills and understanding of narrative inquiry into practice. By asking important questions related to your own practice, you’ll develop several skills, including writing as a method of inquiry, narrative inquiry, poetic inquiry and arts-based methods, with critical links to relevant theory. It is suitable for those who work in communities of learning in collaboration with others, for those seeking or holding positions of leadership, and/or for practitioners wanting to inquire into and enhance their own professional practice. Through the process of qualitative inquiry, you will critically evaluate an area of interest to identify and critique implications for future practice. 

Learning outcomes

At the completion of this course, students will be able to: Build expertise in an area of professional interest. Articulate and critique theoretical perspectives regarding the selected area of inquiry. Demonstrate a critical and informed understanding of narrative inquiry. Conduct a credible qualitative inquiry. Critically evaluate an area of interest throughout the process of inquiry. Identify and critique implications for practice.

    Currently scheduled classes

    2021 Epsom (Summer School): Compulsory block intensive on campus teaching on Monday 11 January, and 25 January from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
    2021 Online (Summer School): Online ( Summer School)
    2021 Offshore Online (Summer School)

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