EDUC 758 - Winners and Losers? Social Theories of Education

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EDUC 758
Winners and Losers? Social Theories of Education
Critical Studies in Education
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Weekly Lecture
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Barbara Grant

Course description

Examines education as a contested site by applying selected critical social theories to current practice and policy issues in a range of educational sectors, from early childhood to tertiary education. Asks whose interests are being most served in the ways in which we currently arrange education and imagines how education could be arranged otherwise.

Course overview

Many educational challenges and questions are persistent. In order to get a new view of these challenges and questions, and to generate new insights or answers for them, we can consider applying different theoretical lenses.

This course will focus on a small group of influential theorists whose work has shaped – or is coming to shape – educational enquiry in Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond. As a student in this course you will consider similarities and differences between the theories and, in particular, how each provides different insights into the problem of how education systems create sets of winners and losers.

In a world that is beset by education challenges, it is timely to examine the issues and consider solutions. You will use different sociological lenses on a range of educational problems and examine whose interests are being served by current policies and practices. Students are introduced to educational theorists and theories in ways that ground these ideas in the reality of the hear and now.

Currently scheduled classes

2021 Epsom (Semester 1): On campus sessions every week on Thursday from 4:30pm to 7:30pm

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