EDUC 766 - Education and the Development Process

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EDUC 766
Education and the Development Process
Critical Studies in Education
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Ritesh Shah

Course description

Examines the role of education within the process of economic, political, social and cultural change within the 'developing' world, with a particular focus on the small island states of the Pacific. Theories, concepts and models of 'development' and how these influence educational policy and practice are explored.

Course overview

Discover how education continues to play an important role in the political, economic and social development of post-colonial and post-conflict peoples and nations, with particular emphasis on the Oceanic region. This course will prepare you well to understand the oftentimes contested relationship between global/local interests and ideals for education, and the political agendas at play on the part of the international community in supporting educational development in these contexts. It serves as an important introduction to the field of comparative and international education, and is of vital importance to those interested in understanding the function of education within development processes.

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2021 Online (Semester 2): Online (Semester 2)
2021 Offshore Online (Semester 2)

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