SOCCLEAD 706 - Innovation, Design, Evaluation

Course code
Innovation, Design, Evaluation
Counselling, Human Services, and Social Work
Delivery modes
Block Intensive
Course director

John Fenaughty

Course description

Evolving approaches to innovating social change and evaluation practice are examined. Topics include contemporary debates on, and approaches to, co-design, collaboration, ethical social innovation, evidence-informed programme design, evaluation models and impact measurement. Using experiential learning, groups of students will be guided through a social innovation design process in response to user needs, and develop robust evaluation proposals.

Course overview

Social innovation, design and evaluation are best taught in practice. This course uses a face-to-face workshop format, in combination with some online and out-of-class components, to enable students to hone and practise key skills associated with innovation, design and evaluation. The course takes students through the actual design of a social innovation, including generating insights, developing ideas, prototyping solutions, and presenting the end result complete with an evaluation plan. This is a hands-on course that requires attendance at the workshops (delivered only on Fridays) and an ability to work with others in teams (social innovation and creativity thrives on interdisciplinary approaches). Students from across the University, including from Engineering, Arts, and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences have participated so far. By the end of the course you will have a working knowledge of the key approaches and debates associated with social innovation, design, and evaluation.

Learning outcomes

At the completion of this course, students should be able to: Critique conventional for-profit and state-centric responses to social needs. Demonstrate an understanding of the processes, opportunities and challenges of developing ethical and sustainable social innovation programmes in response to identified needs. Understand and demonstrate the skills required to engage effectively with stakeholders. Apply principles and practices of evidence-informed programming to assess existing enterprises and to design innovative alternatives.

    Currently scheduled classes

    2022 Epsom (Semester 1): On-campus block teaching on Fridays (4, 25 March, 8 April, 6, 13 May, and 3 June) from 9.00 am -12.00 pm and 1.00 pm - 4.00 pm.

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