Teacher Education Refresh Programme

Application and Consent Form

Teacher Education Refresh Programme: Application and Consent Form
For more information, please read Teacher Education Refresh Programme

Note that an application for a new practising certificate with the Teaching Council of Aotearoa NZ must be made prior to enrolment in a TER programme.

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Primary Secondary

Personal information

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Teacher education qualifications
Give details of your teacher education programme and/or other qualifications.

NZ Overseas

Please note that it is your responsibility to obtain verification of your qualifications if you were trained outside of New Zealand. Please attach PDF file only and size less than 3MB.

Please attach PDF file only and size less than 3MB.

Please attach PDF file only and size less than 3MB.

New Zealand teacher registration

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Current teaching practice

(This includes full time (FT), long-term relief (LTR) and day-to-day relief (DTD) work).
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Referee report

Email the referee report to your referee and ask them to email it directly to kohia@auckland.ac.nz.

Please be aware of University regulations with regard to plagiarism

Plagiarism is using the work of others in preparing an assignment and presenting it as your own without explicitly acknowledging — or referencing — where it came from. Plagiarism can also mean not acknowledging the full extent of indebtedness to a source. Work can be plagiarised from many sources — including books, articles, the world wide web, and other students’ assignments. Plagiarism can also occur unconsciously or inadvertently. Direct copying is definitely plagiarism. Paraphrasing of another work without attribution is also plagiarism. Submitting someone else’s unattributed or less than fully attributed work or ideas is not evidence of your own grasp of the material and cannot earn you marks.

“The University of Auckland will not tolerate cheating, or assisting others to cheat, and views cheating of course work as a serious academic offence. The work that a student submits for grading must be the student’s own work, reflecting his or her learning. Where work from other sources is used, it must be properly acknowledged and referenced. This requirement also applies to sources on the world-wide web. A student’s assessed work may be reviewed against electronic source material using computer detection mechanisms.

Upon reasonable request, students may be required to provide an electronic version of their work for computerised review.

Students may not translate work from another source without proper acknowledgement and referencing. The use of translation machines to translate and copy texts into the target language of an assignment constitutes academic dishonesty....”

I am aware of University regulations with regard to plagiarism

Consent to disclosure of information

The Teacher Education Refresh (TER) Programme is being offered by The University of Auckland on behalf of the Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand which owns the TER Programme.

Principle 3 of the Privacy Act 1993 – “Collection of information from subject”
Personal information provided by persons applying to participate on a TER course is being collected for the purpose of determining their eligibility for participation in a course, to enable the Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand to comply with its statutory functions and the requirements of the TER Programme, and for administering participation on that course. The information is being collected by: Kohia Centre, Faculty of Education and Social Work, The University of Auckland, Private Bag 99946, Newmarket 1149, Auckland
All or any part of that information may be held and used by The University of Auckland and Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand, Level 12, 80 Boulcott Street, Box 5326, Wellington

11(a) and (f) of the Privacy Act 1993 – “Limits on disclosure of personal information”
Neither The University of Auckland nor the Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand shall disclose the personal information collected for the TER Programme to a person or body or
agency unless either or both believe, on reasonable grounds:


Programme Declaration

I understand:

  • that to successfully complete the TER programme I must complete all course requirements to the expected standard within the required time frame.
  • that the professional behaviour described in the Code of Professional Responsibility and Standards for the Teaching Profession is required at all times throughout the course and practicum.
  • If a school leader or colleague complains about unprofessional behaviour I will be required to leave the programme.


On successful submission an email with a summary of these requests will be sent to your email address. If an email is not received shortly after clicking submit then this indicates that there was a technical error saving your requests that you should report to kohia@auckland.ac.nz.